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When I was a very young teenager I was listening to my favorite local radio station in my home state of Rhode Island. All of a sudden the disk jockey started asking Elvis Presley some questions and he was answering them right on the spot. I couldn't believe ELVIS was visiting our little tiny state. That same weekend our family packed into the car and drove off to Vermont to visit my father's brother and on the way we had the radio on. The local DJ in Vermont was interviewing ELVIS. I thought wow he sure travels around a lot. Later that night my cousin in another state called to tell me that she just heard ELVIS being interviewed by a DJ on her local radio station. This of course was all done by pre-recorded answers to a script provided to all the radio stations by Elvis Presley's record company. They actually mailed out 45 RPM records with the answers to the questions that were sent along in written form for the DJ to read on the air. Prior to all of this the record companies tried this form of promotion by mailing the stations reel-to-reel tapes. This didn't last long and was replaced with sending the answers by vinyl records. Now we move the clock ahead 50 years and VIRTUAL RADIO TOURS is now the new name for OPEN ENDED interviews. An artist or band can answer a series of questions about their new release and by way of MP3 format those answers can be sent to thousands of radio stations along with the questions written down in order for the DJ to read on the air. What was once a way of promotion that could only be used by MAJOR STARS is now available to anyone willing to do the work necessary to get it done. VIRTUAL RADIO TOURS is here, it is practical and it works.